Vegan Cheesemonger

New for 2019: The Farm Shop Vegan Cheesemonger counter in collaboration with Kinda Co! We adore the core values of the Kinda Co range of dairy free cheese for all to enjoy, whether you are vegan or not. Take a moment to feast on.


We have gone through a detailed review of all products in our shop, to ensure that sustainability is at the heart of what we do. Whether it’s the way in which a product is produced, the way it arrives at the shop, or the way it’s packaged.

Tea, Coffee & More

As well as creating just great coffee (we believe that statement so much we made it the WIFI code!), epic vegan cheese toasties and bagels, gluten free cakes, we have created a space in busy, noisy, urban East London where you can just sit and take a moment for yourself.

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